Internal Enterprise Crowdfunding

With the AnzenPad solution Enterprises can get the most out of intrapreneurial creativity focused on future growth ideas by employing a customizable white label Internal Enterprise Crowdfunding Platform.

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How it works

Anzen Pad accelerates your corporate innovation


Absence of entrepreneurial culture

Most large companies are comprised of rigid,
hierarchical institutional structures.

Negative tolerance for failure

May stifle entrepreneurial spirit and impede
innovative decisions

Lack of experimentation

Generating innovative ideas typically more difficult
as organizations grow in size and complexity


AnzenPad Platform

Supports and incubates business ideas generated
by corporate employees (internal crowd)


An opportunity to discover innovative ideas from
the crowdfunding community


Cultivate their entrepreneurial mindset,
motivations and behaviors

Scalability and Efficiency With Blockchain

Blockchain technology enables secure, efficient and low-cost solution in Internal Crowdfunding context. Automated, more efficient processes trigger reduced infrastructure costs, operation costs, and transaction costs.

What are the Blockchain use cases in Internal Enterprise Crowdfunding?
Private Blockchain
and smart contracts execution
Tokenization of
Voting with the
digital assets
Innovative incentive models
Multisignature wallet

Benefits for a White Label Solution owner

Innovation culture - it helps overcome both hierarchical and departmental barriers

Intrapreneurial environment allows employees to initiate organizational change

Process perspective;
More control to employees that drive their initiatives

Ability to launch projects faster, to get feedback from the targeted audiences

Making smarter business decisions,
understanding customers needs and strengthen brand identity

Market validation and test ideas (in case external crowd is involved (open to the public))

Key features of Internal Enterprise Crowdfunding

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