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With AnzenPad FinTech Development, you can now quickly customize and roll out your branded funding ecosystems!

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Engaging in capital  initiatives is still painful. On average, 3 to 6 month is spent to close funding.

On the flip side, lack of simple funding process is stopping the innovation and entrepreneurship inside the organization, ecosystem, or country, driving lack of engagement, unemployment and productivity.


1. Highly customizable easy to deploy white label platform.
2. Bringing innovation and optimization to traditional finance.
3. Experimental & Innovative fundraising and community engaging model with DeFi use cases.

White Label solution that drives results.

Engaging in capital initiatives is still painful. Lack of simple funding process, coupled with time inefficiency, calls for an innovative solution.

AnzenPad provides fundraising capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

Implemented Projects

Key features of AnzenPad in the spotlight

IDO Launchpad & Ecosystems

Truly decentralized, multi cross chained, and fully interoperable environment based on a multi blockchain architecture with the most powerful and fairest distribution algorithms.

Digital Investment Banking & Securities Issuance

Tokenization of debt, equity and other instruments. Fractional shares to engage wider segments of investors.

Conventional Crowdfunding

Custom option for business ideas, nonprofit cause or personal needs with sophisticated dashboard and multiple models realization.

Internal Enterprise Crowdfunding

The platform provides opportunities for tech startups to raise funds, and incubates innovative ideas, at the same time allowing corporations to implement internal programs.

AnzenPad implementation steps

Key features of AnzenPad in the spotlight

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